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I just got word that the Dallas Hard Rock Cafe closed this month. I'm sorry to see it go, even though I hardly ever went there. Ever since they replaced their excellent extra-spicy veggie burger with some off-the-shelf brand name version, there just wasn't much reason to go. Still, there was something cool about a restaurant full of guitars with "rock" in its name.

I guess we can look forward to having our own House of Blues, which will probably feature blues about as much as the Hard Rock Cafe featured hard rock. I hear rumour it's going to be smoke-free; yay for that. And there's a part of me that prefers to see places that aren't name-branded, but if it turns out to be a good music venue, it's a good thing overall.

Most importantly, go see shows at the Granada whenever possible. Smoke-free, great sound, great bands, cool employees. And not part of a world-wide chain.