Texas Democratic Party State Convention, Day 0:

"It's 204 miles to Austin, we've got an empty tank of gas, a dead battery, it's really windy, and we're in a Miata." "Let's roll."

And roll, I did. Down my driveway, and popped my clutch, and up started the Miata. The Miata uses an AGM battery, and I was a little concerned about driving it, given some concerns I had read about jump-starting one on miata.net. But drive it, I did, and it's holding up okay so far.

This was my first road trip out of the DFW metroplex in the Miata, and I'm not so sure about it as a road trip car. It was super windy today, all the way from Dallas to Austin. Even with the windows up, the noise and buffeting of my head from pressure variations was so annoying that I only made it about 30 miles before I had to stop and put the top up. At least I could hear the radio that way. Anyway, I'm thinking my 280ZX may be the better road trip vehicle; it certainly has more room for stuff.

The high price of gas has done nothing to reduce the traffic on I-35 between Dallas and Austin. The right lane is full of semis, and the left lane is full of dorks not passing them. Some of them are semis as well. This was at 3:30 on a Thursday afternoon in the middle of nowhere (i.e. 10 miles north of Waco).

Tonight's fundraiser shindig sold out before I stoped procrastinating, so I'm sitting in my hotel room writing instead. Maybe tomorrow I'll have some actual political stuff to write about.

Addendum, 2008-06-06: I-35 through downtown Austin is a tangled mess of onramps and offramps that makes you constantly change lanes to get to where you want to go. It's like somebody took a giant traffic circle and unrolled it.