Texas Democratic Party State Convention, Day 1:

So far I've seen two candidates for national delegate whose promotional materials say they are for "Barak Obama". If you want me to vote for you, you have to spell it right.

Since I've been hearing it all day long, let's all sing it together: "This is the ringtone that came with my phone. This is the ringtone that came with my phone. THIS IS THE RINGTONE THAT CAME WITH MY PHONE." You know the tune.

Senate District Caucuses: Chaos, with votes. Ours settled out eventually and we managed to elect a few of our committee people, but we didn't get to all of them. Tonight is going to be interesting.

Invocation: Longest. Prayer. Ever.

The mayor of Austin is speaking now. Decent speech.

21:19 update, waiting for sign-in tabluation results:

High-profile speaker of the day: Chelsea Clinton. It was pretty cool to see her in person. Maybe it's partly because she's Gen-X, but I like her. She gave a nice quick speech about coming together as a party. Cool.

Then we had the endless parade of Texas House reps. That was cool, but long. That was the point, of course, but it was still long.

Before long, we'll be back into our Senate District caucus, which will include somehow selecting three delegates from about a hundred people who want to go to Denver. I'm ready to be here all night. We'll see if that's what it takes....