Today I got an e-mail informing me that someone I don't know wants to keep up with me on Twitter. That's really nice, but I don't want to keep up with Twitter. At this rate, I can't keep up with Facebook; the last thing I need is another social networking web site, on top of Facebook, Myspace, Linkedin, my college's alumni web site, and even Barack Obama's web site.

I'm a completist, and the voluminious feed-based nature of a site like Twitter thoroughly annoys me. There's probably stuff I care about in that stream of gunk going by, but it takes too much effort to go back through it all to find what has happened since I last looked. I can either spend all my time habitually checking the feed, or ignore it completely. I choose the latter. I'll be playing my guitar instead. If you want to reach me, look around this site until you find my e-mail address.

And while I'm on a rant, why does the user interface for these supposedly modern tools suck so much? How am I supposed to peruse this garbage? Spin the scroll wheel on my mouse until I get carpal tunnel? Hit reload relentlessly to keep up with updates? Drag the scrollbar quickly to the bottom and give up? In 1991, I used a tool called 'trn' to read USENET news. Its user interface is still better than the horrible user interfaces on these web sites that people so adore these days.

And hey, what do you know; you can even find that horrible user interface right here on my web site. Enjoy.