The Denton Institute of Phrenology

The Denton Institute of Phrenology is a marching band that spontaneously takes form on the Fourth of July in Denton, Texas. It is led by Jeffrey Barnes, the woodwind-playing genius from Brave Combo. It is the only marching band I am aware of that incudes guitar, melodica, accordion, violin, and a Kikkoman drum set. In 2007, it also featured Paul Slavens playing a totally phat Casio SK-1 through a boom box that added tasty distortion. We perform patriotic pieces like "This Land is Your Land", "Yellow Rose of Texas", and "You're a Grand Old Flag", in keys called out by Jeffrey the morning of the event. The group also includs a precision drill team, who are no longer confined to the machine shop, thanks to modern rechargable battery technology.

We dress patriotically and wear hats.

And remember, "This Land is Your Land" starts on the IV chord.